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I am a board certified Medical Nurse with over 10 years of patient care experience, as well as over 20 years as a Lead Dental Nurse Practitioner. Throughout my nursing & dental career I have expanded my skill set so that I can provide my patients with first-class and compassionate care, and now with a special focus in the aesthetics industry. I was first introduced to the cosmetic world by a friend, and when I saw the incredible impact it made on someone’s life I couldn’t resist getting involved. Being able to combine my medical expertise and passion for aesthetics to help others look and feel their very best is something that I have become very passionate about.

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At 69 years young, I am fitter than I have been for many years and after losing a considerable amount of weight over the last 18 months I realised the only thing I had left to do before my big 70th birthday in January was to get the crinkles in my face sorted. Time has been very kind so far but I reckoned why not give it a helping hand. I was very nervous about the idea because of bad stories I’d read where things had gone horribly wrong. However When I first talked to Sadie about the treatment and what my options were I felt totally at ease. Everything was explained in great detail including what I needed to do in preparation for the treatment. On the day itself I felt happy that I was in good hands. The treatment was quick and overall a pleasant experience. I was made to feel comfortable from the time I arrived. Sadie was very profession and her standards in every aspect are very high. I will definitely not hesitate to go back for all my future treatments. I would definitely recommend her to anyone.

Sadie Aesthetic Practitioner


Thank you for the great job you did with my lines around my eyes and particularly the frown or brow lines. I was really starting to notice them and wasn’t sure if I was able to do something now with them. I know that I had a lot of questions so thank you for going through everything with me and probably answering more than one of the same question. I am looking forward to coming back and getting a bit more done down the line and I would highly recommend your services to anyone looking to fight the aging process. Thanks again.

Fill my Look - about Jackie


Hi Sadie & FML team
What a great experience! I absolutely love my lips and the deep frown line between my eyes has disappeared! I feel so much more confident now. I will be telling my friends to go to you… or maybe I won’t and keep you as my little secret! Joking! I would of course recommend your services to anyone looking to get fillers and botox done.
See you in a few months for my top up.

Fill my Look - about Jackie